Girls on Tanks


After the devastating Heartland War, the world has been turned to ash. Now, 4 factions are left to battle for the future of the planet.

The forces of Nimeria have discovered the strongest mineral known to man, a super powerful crystal, able to create an indestructible army. Winter’s Blood army is power-hungry and seeks to gain a monopoly over the Crystals in order to create the ultimate weapon of destruction.

Your mission is to become the General of the Global Defense Force and stop them before it’s too late! Command your army! Collect and equip steamy officers!

Girls on Tanks is a turn-based strategy game, which brings a never before seen depth to the genre.

Can you survive more than 100 battle maps?

Key Features

  • 5 territories with 80+ unique levels
  • Weekly PVE Faction War
  • 14 Unique Unit types
  • Officers with unique combat abilities
  • Interactive sex scenes
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Genre: TBS, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi

Developer: Mutant Games

Publisher: Superhippo Studios

Release Date: June 6th, 2017

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