Kingdoms of Lust


Explore the luxurious Kingdoms of Lust, where the art of seduction is just as essential as waging wars and forging alliances.

Play as the almighty ruler and tactician of the Empire and lead your people to victory in an ultimate war!

But worry not! Your royal court, full of skilled Generals and Governors, is ready to stand by your side and aid you in your quest. However, taking care of the well-being of your kingdom isn't their only priority... Your noble servants also love having a good time.

Uncover late-night secrets of the palace bedrooms and indulge in some of the pleasures only your subjects can provide...

Key Features

  • Interactive gameplay! Assign your subordinates to Govern a Province or to Lead a Battle and Upgrade their special talents!
  • Receive amazing rare REWARDS!
  • Gorgeous graphic scenes!
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Genre: MMO

Developer: Superhippo Studios

Publisher: Superhippo Studios

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